Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alveston By-election - Update

As I previously wrote we narrowly lost the recent Alveston By-election after the local paper ran a negative front page story on the day of the election. The story claimed that 800 new houses would be built in Stratford and that the conservative led council was going to vote to lift the moratorium on building new homes the following Monday. This issue became a last minute leaflet drop in Alveston and the article quoted the lib-dem candidate as being against.

Well the vote has now been and gone and no such thing happened, a decision on a specific aspect of a planning application has been sent back from the cabinet to the scrutiny committee, and I'm willing to bet that the local papers won't say anything today.

So did we lose the by-election just because of this story, no I don't think we did, it only worked because of the existing narrative about the conservative led council. If that wasn't there it wouldn't have been anywhere near as damaging.

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