Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Labour are really against Elected Police Commissioners

"At the heart of objections to the Bill lies a deeply worrying philosophy. It is the view that one cannot trust the people. Heaven forfend that they might elect someone who represents their views. Those are the same disreputable arguments that were mounted against enfranchising the general public and women. The same attitude pervades opposition to the Bill-that one cannot trust the electorate. It is as undemocratic as it is elitist to argue that the public should have no say, and that our public services would be run so much better by people who are unaccountable and who know better than them."

Nick Herbet, Policing Minister

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1 comment:

  1. Personally in leafy Warwickshire I am all for the electing of Police commissioners and indeed the general public should elect the Chief Constable

    The fiasco over the literally millions wasted on totally uneccessary levels of policing at the Bull Dog Bash convinced me of this. No accountability no comeback.

    I understand that the police officer responsible for this obsession has now retired into the sunset presumably at 55 on an index linked gold plated final salary pension!