Sunday, February 20, 2011

How AV works

Lately quite a few people have been asking me to explain how AV works.

So for anyone who is struggling with understanding this oh so "simple" system I thought I'd share the excellent Daily Mash's explanation:

Under the AV system, voters rank candidates in order of height before ranking them again in order of stench.

The candidate with the most points goes through to round three where he must beat a pair of local schoolchildren in a Blockbusters-style quiz.

If he fails then the second-placed candidate takes on the children and if successful then goes on to wrestle a kangaroo.

The fifth round involves defusing a live feminist before the clock reaches zero and in the sixth and final round they have to sing a song in front of an audience of easily unimpressed Glaswegians.

Whoever makes it through all six rounds then gets to treat you like a child while stealing your money.

Of course you could alternatively read the No to AV campaign's explanation, or for fairness the Yes campaign's explanation, although I'm not sure either is any clearer.

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  1. A few of my random comments/thoughts on AV

    Our MP won fair and square in Stratford with over 50% of the votes cast so first past post kind of works ok here to a certain extent i.e more people voted for Nadhim than voted against him.

    This is not the case across the country and most people outside the Westminster circus see any system where you get an MP elected in your area who more people voted against than for pretty undemocratic.

    You can make the case about FPP leading to strong Govt etc but then what is more important the former or democracy.

    Don't assume Conservative voters are all against AV. I'm certainly not going to be attending any marches against it and i'm no socialist or Lib/Dem

    The biggest asset to no to AV campaign have is the hope that Nick Clegg is plastered all over the media giving his 100% support to this "new politics" :) :)

  2. I'm voting Yes, cos I don't like the conservatory party...