Friday, May 6, 2011

Stratford Election Results

Final tally from last night.

Conservatives: Gained 4, lost 2, overall result +2

Independents: Gained 1, overall result +1

Lib Dem: Gained 1, lost 4, overall result -3

A good result for local Conservatives last night. Neville Beamer increased his majority to
Roughly 700 in Stratford itself and Lynda Organ won by over 500 votes also in a Stratford ward, both results showing Conservatives have regained the trust of the town's electorate.

Also a fantastic result for Danny Kendal in Wellesbourne winning by 300 votes to unseat a Lib Dem and a close win for first time Candidate Johnathan Gullis in Shipston, with a margin of just 16 votes, also unseating a Lib Dem councillor.

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