Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Labour MPs would rather clock off early than vote against abolishing 50p

Ed Balls and Labour MPs have spent the whole of last week telling anyone who'd listen that they will vote against any changes to the additional tax rate of 50p.

Last night they had the chance to do just that on the last division of the day:

That, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the practice of the House relating to the matters that may be included in Finance Bills, any Finance Bill of the present Session may contain the following provisions about income tax taking effect in a future year—

(a) provision that for the tax year 2013-14—

(i) the basic rate is 20%,

(ii) the higher rate is 40%, and

(iii) the additional rate is 45%, and

provision about other rates of income tax.

Whilst Labour are spinning this morning that they voted against all provisions in the bill earlier in the evening and they "abstained" from this vote, I understand that Labour MPs (except for the 2 who really believe the rhetoric the party has been putting out and voted no) had actually all gone home for the night.

Clearly clocking off early is more important to them than their principled stand against cutting the 50p rate.

For anyone saying it was a surprise motion it was clearly on the Budget resolutions paper for last night!

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