Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fair fuel stabiliser - you read it here first

According to Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News the Prime Minister just took a question at a Cameron Direct event on high fuel prices and responded with details of the Fair Fuel stabiliser. A conservative manifesto pledge that fuel duty would go up and down in line with the price of oil, thereby stabilising pump prices.

What's slightly strange is I blogged about this just the other day in relation to how to fix the issue that high pump prices correlate to low poll numbers for governments.

What's stranger still is he apparently mistakenly called it the Fuel Duty Escalator (which is the policy that put fuel duty at the levels it's at today) which is what I accidentally called it when I first wrote the post. Coincidence, evidence that the PM reads this blog or evidence that I'm far closer to no 10 than you thought? I'll let you decide!

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