Monday, January 3, 2011

Swinging further right won't win an election

There's a great post on Spectator Coffee House (again) which points out an important point, best highlighted by this paragraph

"Let us be clear. The idea that a more right-wing strategy would have garnered more votes at the last election is simply not borne out by recent history or polling. It would win an outright majority on Coffee House and ConservativeHome - but not in the country."

It's right, this idea that the party should be more right wing and then it would have won a majority is pure delusion. As is the idea that the Lib Dems are forcing the coalition too far left. The right wingers screaming from the papers and ConHome that the party needs to go further right are just undoing the brand detoxification and making the wider pubic think that underneath the new branding we're just the same old Tories. If that sticks then come 2015 we'll lose, simple as that.

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