Thursday, January 21, 2010

Even Labour Voters don't Trust Labour, and don't even ask the floating voters

Politics Home is reporting a poll that they have carried out of 1,193 UK voters, each of which were asked how likely it was that the three main political parties would be able to deliver on their manifesto promises.

What they found was that less than half of Labour supporters believed that a new Labour government would deliver on its manifesto promises, whilst around 75% of those individuals that declared themselves as natural Conservative and Liberal Democrat supporters.

So after 13 years of Labour government even its own supporters think that it’s unlikely to deliver on its promises. Does this mean that 50% of Labour suporters won’t vote Labour at this election though, or will tribalism take over regardless of the facts and emotional feelings of voters.

Politics Home also examined the 2005 pledge card which promised that:
  1. Your family would be treated better and faster
  2. Your child would achieve more
  3. Your family would be better off
  4. Your children will get the best start
  5. Your community would be safe
  6. Your country’s borders protected
Which are all pretty weak pledges to be honest, hardly ground breaking, who is going to say no to any of those.

Politics Homes asked voters to rank each on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being that the government could not have been more succesful in delivering on them. Unsuprisingly protecting our borders came in lowest at an average of 3.2 across all parties, then your community safer followed by your children with the best start (interesting considering the money and effort and promotion that’s gone into Sure Start) followed also unsuprinsingly by your family better off. Nothing scored above a 5 on average for non Labour supporters and even then the highest was only a 6.

Floating Voters

What’s interesting is the responses of those that said they were not a natural voter of any party, the undecideds and floating voters (grey above) failed to score above 3.4, with the lowest score of 2.6 for country’s borders protected. Floating voters will be very important in the forthcoming election and I think we can see they won't be voting Labour.

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