Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PMQs - Dull

So Prime Minister's Questions was very, very dull today, Cameron decided to use all his questions on Haiti and  child violence and the recent killings  in Doncaster. This led people on the Guido live chat to suggest that he’s just given up on trying to give Brown a kicking as if he does Brown might be ousted before the election (which no one in CCHQ wants). This could very well be the reason, I hope so as otherwise what a waste.

Clegg was, I think, the perceived winner, his question on why RBS are being allowed to fund Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury’s was strong and only solicited a jokey response from Brown on how he’s not being very liberal if he thinks the government should intervene. Ultimately though, if he wasnt being shouted down by a poorly controlled parliament then his question of do you think that British tax payers would have lent the banks all that money if they knew that it would be used to destroy british jobs later was strong.

There were also some shameless plants resulting in the Tory marriage tax allowance being  given another airing. This is surely Brown’s favourite thing to joke about, and the yet again terrible delivery of what could have been a good pre-preared line by Brown in “It is the conservative party that is tied in knots, not tying the knot”.

Brown also got to run out his claim that he is the man of the middle income, not class, because he’s a class warrior too don’t you know, after a terrible plant question on Tory plans to cut the Child Tax credit. This incidentally isn’t in the families mainfesto today, and neither are other claims like cutting sure-start etc that Brown keeps banging on about. In fact today he claimed that the fact it wasn’t there was a bad thing, clearly the Conservatives are just lying!

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