Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Round-Up

I didn’t blog over the weekend, but there was more than enough happening:

  • @kerryMP put her foot in it again on Twitter managing to upset both Tory’s, the gay community and the gay Tory community in one fool swoop with her retweet. @OxfordSpring wrote a fantastic piece on the stereotyping of gay people, and the simplistic approach of identity politics to courting their vote.
  • Gordon Brown spoke at the Fabian Society and suddenly moved from Class Warrior to Champion of the Middle Class. A surprise about turn for anyone who thought that Mandelson wouldn’t eventually get his way. CCHQ put up a spirited defence, but Guido did ask what exactly their pro middle class policies were.
  • Peter Watt’s second week of book serialisation in the Mail on Sunday brought about more enormous revelations, leaving Gordon Brown having to explain why he used Labour Party funds to for his own personal campaign to oust Tony Blair.
  • The Sunday Express reported on HMRC’s tender for a new round of council tax revaluations to take place after the general election. Strangely the government haven’t said anything about it happening yet though. Dizzy Thinks suggested it was another front in the class war
  • Ed Balls attacked Conservative Marriage Policy, again
  • UKIP decided that the way to cour the BNP vote was to ban Burkhas across the nation, leading to condemnation on what everyone thinks is a very un-British policy
  • and finally the polls continued to put the Conservative ahead, 9% in a YouGov poll and 13% ahead in ComRes. 
Quite a few posts to write this morning, on these and other issues

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