Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today's PMQs

Strong performance from David Cameron, poor performance from Brown, dropping back as always to statistics, statistics and more statistics and badly delivering pre-prepared lines.

I don't understand why he always wants to reel them off (although many people have suggested less than nice reasons), statistics just don't engage the majority of the public. What engages everyone and leaves them with a lasting impressions is either narrative (although see my post on the danger of established narratives), i.e a story with a beginning middle and end (and unemployment started at this percentage, changed to this percentage and is now this percentage doesn't count) or something that provides listeners them with an emotional response. We remember emotions far better than facts so that's what really makes up people's minds.

Cameron is doing well at PMQs with narratives and emotional engagement and I think it's something we'll see more of as the election campaigns continue.

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