Friday, January 8, 2010

Science funding changes: The result, no more scientists

Following on from my post just before Christmas on changes to Science funding, a survey from the University and College Union has found that 34.5% of professors would consider leaving the UK in order to escape the new funding rules.

The new rules state that the social impact of the outputs of research funding will account for a 25% weighting in funding allocations under the new Research Excellence Framework that is due to be brought in soon.

Other results in the same survey showed that 72% felt that it would change departmental policies and practices and 65% felt it would change the focus of research itself.

The results of this survey remind me of the giant signs after Heathrow immigration at Terminal 3 that says something like "World class scientists, entrepreneurs, business people, investors.... Come on in".

What with this coupled with our high tax regime (which recent reports suggest are making Goldman's highest paid employees, and hence highest tax contributors start demanding a business move abroad), those signs seem a bit of a joke now.

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