Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Round-Up

This weekend's interesting stories and blog posts in full:

  • Dizzy Thinks drew up a helpful flowchart on how to deal with a tragic event whilst in opposition or government;
  • Tory Bear examined Sally Bercow’s position and whether she was abusing her marriage to the Speaker for her own political and career gains;
  • Dizzy Thinks, amongst many others, questioned why Party leaders are complaining about the composition of an audience in a debate. It also turned out on Sunday that the debates may clash with Champions League football so ITV might not carry them after all!
  • Guido, and a number of other sources reported that Labour MP David Chaytor claimed expenses for rent on a property he owned by pretending it was owned by his daughter;
  • An ICM poll in key marginal seats found a swing of 8.5% in those seats meaning that the Conservatives would have a commons majority of 38, far larger than previously suspected;
  • Benedict Brogan in the Times asked if Tory Discipline is beginning to fray;
  • Gordon Brown used his podcast to try to re-draw battle lines between Labour and the Conservatives when he claimed that “active government” can help Britain weather the recession (inadvertently pointing out in the process that we are still in a recession and there’s no end in sight);
  • I wrote about Motorway Man, the new floating voter that Mondeo man has evolved into.

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