Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blue Bloggers Meet-up

So I'm on my way back from the Bloggers drinks reception organised by @samuelcoates at CCHQ. It was a great event and I thought whilst I'm on the train with a flat laptop battery I'd capture a few observations:

1) The Blue Blogosphere is very strong and made up of a number of individual voices rather than one central commanding voice. (we wouldn't be conservatives if that was the case!)
2) Everyone has the same issues, mainly time to blog and finding topics that matter to them.
3) Eric Pickles is an absolute legend.
4) Blue bloggers do it out of love but really want to build traffic and make at least some money from it.
5) Nearly everyone seems fedup with their local association being entrenched. (what affect does this have on new younger members and campaigning).
6) People think ToryGator is a good idea. Yay!
7) @DaveFacts has clients that he doesn't want to know that he runs @davefacts!
8) Conservative bloggers should not be let loose with karaoke and seemingly free beer.

So a great night all in and not just because of the free beer. Lets make sure we come together and win this election. As Eric Pickles said this is the first real election to be fought online so lets make sure we win it!

Update: I would like to point out I wrote this original post on my iPhone at well past midnight, hence the original horrific spelling errors!

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