Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PMQs - Back on form

Cameron had a fantastic performance at Prime Minister's questions continually hammering Brown on the 20k death tax levy for the social care plan.

Brown continually dodged the question of could he rule out a death duty levy, with brown trying to focus on consensus and pulling out some terribly delivered jokes, and pre-prepared lines, including the line "this is no time for a novice" again.

All in all his inability throughout all of the questions to rule it out and to point Cameron to the Green Paper (even though he kept calling it a white paper), which as Cameron said says a death levy may be necessary, has really put a dividing line in. If he had just been willing to say no we will not introduce a 20k death levy then that would be the end of the issue, by refusing to say no it just leaves in the public's minds that it's a yes.

Update: Brown has just somehow managed to drop in the whole cancer guarantee thing, poorly linked together answer trying to paint Tories as anit-NHS. He's also just managed to diss the law and order manifesto for not mentioning DNA, police numbers, CCTV or prison places. Which I think shows how Labour think problems should be solved, increase spending, increase number of places, not dealing with the overall strategic issues or underlying causes.

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  1. Except nobody apart from journo's and members of political parties take any notice of PM question time..Look at the good it did Hague in the election when he regularly wiped the floor of Blair

    However many people read The Sun and "Cast iron Dave's" articles. I think you will find these are the sort of arena that make people decide how they are going to vote in the general election.