Friday, February 5, 2010

Stratford Upon Avon Shortlist

ConservativeHome has got the jump on everyone it seems (I am just trying to confirm this through the association) and has posted the Shortlist for the forthcoming selection of a new PPC for Stratford Upon Avon. Shamelessly lifted directly from them is the list below (with links to their sites / blogs that I've found so far)

Former - Workplace Law Ltd, Freelance Employment Law Adviser
Current - Self-employed employment law adviser
Councillor in Wandsworth since 2006

Current - Criminal Barrister
Lots of political experience been involved in four General Elections
Father Sir Robert Atkins MEP

Former - Account Director and shareholder, Building on Business 
Current - Regional Director of the Eastern Region, Countryside Alliance
Joined in 2007

Former - British Consul Tangier

Former - Chestertons - Partner in London and Birmingham
Current - Seccombes, Chartered Surveyors, Founder and Senior Partner
Chairman of Stratford-on-Avon Association
Councillor on Stratford-on-Avon Council since 2002

Former - European Marketing Director, Smith and Brooks Ltd
Current - Co-founder and CEO of YouGov
PPC - Erith and Thamesmead 1997
Councillor in Wandsworth 1994 - 2006

Come 19th of February one of these will be the new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stratford Upon Avon.

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  1. Well thak goodness that there was some pressure put on Central Office to ensure that we have more than the 3 candidates they were going to allow us to choose from. But I am more delighted to see that we do have a LOCAL candidate in the form of Philip Seccombe. I shall listen to what each of them say on February 19th before casting my vote. However I strongly believe that to have someone local, someone who genuinely lives and works locally and therefore has a greater understanding and feeling for local issues, is already a plus for Mr. Seccombe. I see that both he and his wife have already given a lot of their time to local issues as councillors and that they are not afraid to stand up and represent the local peoples views, an example being the opposition to the proposed Eco Town. I also see that Philip Seccombe has politics in his blood with his mother having a seat in the House of Lords as Opposition Deputy Chief Whip. On a personal note I am pleased to see that he is also not a poodle to the current leadership of the District Council which has already cost the area very many conservative votes by the dictatorial stance the current leader of the council has taken on many issues.
    Perhaps someone could answer a simple question for me? Which of the proposed candidates, out of the 6 now named, were the 3 that were going to be imposed on us by Central Office? Was it to be an all female list?? I am so pleased it is not. I and several others I have already spoken to today agree that the best thing is to have the opportunity to vote for a local person to represent Stratford-on-Avon as our MP.

  2. Hello I am one of the candidates. The info originally on ConHome was not quite right. My website has all the details - click on Lucy Allan above - look forward to meeting Stratford Conservative blogger at some point in near future.

  3. Hi Lucy

    Look forward to meeting you too. If you have different details you want to appear here or on the association website then please get in touch.


  4. Hi Simon, I am one of the candidates, my website will be up and running shortly, if i send you the details would you be happy to display it? Many thanks.

  5. Hi Alice

    Yes, I can also add it to the Association website which members have been directed to look at as well.

  6. Hi Simon, its ready to go..... If you could add it to the Association website too that would be great. Many thanks.

  7. Although i'm not a member of the local party, it would be really good if someone at the meeting could ask each candidate to give a simple yes or no answer (tricky I know for a politician) as to whether the UK should stay in the EU or not.


  8. Why on earth has Nadhim Zahawi been chosen over local candidate Philip Seccombe who has such superb credentials? He certainly won't be getting
    my vote nor that of many other local people

  9. I think that to say he won't get your vote until you have met him, talked to him and made your mind up is very short sighted.

    On the night many association members went with the attitude that they were there to vote for Phillip Seecombe and throw out these "outsiders". However over 5 hours of speeches and interviews minds most certainly changed as each of the strong candidates put their case forward. On the night Nadhim more than impressed everyone with his passion for the area, the country and the party.

    Please give him a chance, and at least wait until you've met him before judging a book by it's cover.

  10. Was the question asked of each candidate about continued membership of the EU "YES or NO" or was it all nicely hushed up so as not to rock boat. I certainly will be asking Mr Zahawi that question.

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  12. As a note, this blog, like ConservativeHome, has a policy of not allowing un-evidenced or anonymous allegations. If the previous commentor wants their comment to stand then I'm afraid they will have to put their name to it or provide evidence.