Monday, February 8, 2010

Parliamentary Privilige

Very quick post on number 10's response to David Cameron's planned speech on a parliamentary privilige bill to outlaw it's use as a defence for those accused of expenses fraud.

So far I think I have heard quotes calling it desperate and pathetic, as well as a quote from number 10 saying it is up to the courts to decide it's validity as a defence. Personally I find this very strange for a government that has introduced a record number of laws and simply changed the law whenever a court goes against them anyway.

Their behaviour in this regard (with particular examples in the area of tax) alongside recent claims that Jack Straw had often been told something was illegal by his lawyers only to challenge and win in court therefore implying that he believes that ignoring legal advice is a valid strategy, shows the contempt and respect this government has for the law and the courts.

The government's live of changing the laws of the land through either legislation or case law seems to be very much at odds with the messages they're putting out today.

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