Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Labour Lies

So apparently we'll (the Tory Bloggers) all be getting a 7am briefing from CCHQ on the talking point memos for the day in order to continue to be a centrally led propaganda machine. Well that's what so called evidence based blog Left Foot Forward thinks.

So the online campaigning and smear tactics have started. At the drinks reception last night Eric Pickles warned us that Labour would be dirty and nasty in this campaign. That they are a wounded animal that will do anything to hang on to power. This is just a basic lie designed to discredit the free thinking Blue Blogosphere but it's just the start.

They've clearly learned it from the top. Gordon Brown has just called Peter Watt a liar to the House over his slush fund, how much more of what comes out of his mouth, his Minister's mouths and his activists mouths will be untrue in the coming months.

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