Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spoofing Posters

Both the Conservatives and Labour launched new posters yesterday, Labour’s concetrating on frankly baffling claims about the NHS and the Conservative’s poster concentrating on the potential introduction of a new “death tax” of up to £20,000 per head which could be necessary to fund the new “free” (at the point of delivery obviously) social care for the elderly.

Both of them have been spoofed by both sides, the Labour Poster was technically more difficult to spoof however that didn’t stop the Blue blogosphere from firing up Photoshop and doing a really good job.

I read a post saying that the Conservative’s were wrong to put out a poster that was so easily spoofed, but personally I disagree. Just like with the original we can’t go on like this campaign, the spoofing of the Conservative poster again only appeals to the Labour base (fox hunting, and inheritance tax), and when examined tends to be based on lies or false information, as opposed to spoofs created by the Tories which tend to be based around something that Brown has done already, rather than a claim of something he will do in the future. I really do believe that the general public if they see these will, like with the defaced and spoofed Tory NHS poster see Labour supporters as petty and spiteful, and personal.

I think it’s also interesting that Labour have chosen to suggest that Cameron is one person in front of the camera and one behind. Brown is well known to have a temper in private, and it has even  been reported that he becomes moody and depressed and has even violently struck and manhandled staff when the camera is not on him. Was it wise for them to therefore raise such an idea?

The Spoofs (A collection from around the web)

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  1. Could you produce a spoof of the new tory poster by just changing the bold text to say:

    'Now F*ck off.
    Put Labour out of our misery.
    1997 - 2010'

    Or something along these lines?

  2. It is hard to find any real Tories willing to vote for Cameron anymore. They are slowly defecting to UKIP and rightly so.

    Don't kid yourself on the foxhunting issue either. There are Tories like me who are campaigning against repeal and we have supporters across the country who will not vote for Cameron now because of this pledge. Now there is a similar campaign within the Tory party. If Tories continue to label this a left-wing issue, they will push a huge percentage of their supporters away. Big miscalculation on Cameron's part!

  3. What is a "real Tory"?

    The conservative "pledge" if you can call it that on foxhunting is to allow a free vote on the subject, therefore it is your local constintuency MP that you need to target rather than the party.

    With regards to defection to UKIP do you not think that Cameron's comments in the Express this morning on the Euro and categorically ruling out any removal of the pound will change this?